In Loving Memory of our Dear Mary Fawcett

It caught us by surprise the departure of our dear friend and mentor Mary Fawcett when she was called home to meet our Lord Jesus in glory.

 What a sense of peace and joy to know that our dear Mary has finished the race, and from my poor human judgment, I do not know of anyone personally more worthy of hearing well done my good and faithful servant.

At the same time, a great feeling of sorrow overwhelms all of us who worked, served, and lived life together with Mary. For now, we are left behind but praise the Lord HIS wonderful promises of gathering His family in heaven. 

Mary was a great pillar of Almond Blossoms Jewelry. It all started when she asked if she could be of any help in writing our “The Watchfulness of God Devotional” Her point was that she believed that she had a gift of writing and was not using it, and quote “The Lord is not happy with that!” Indeed she had a gift, and her devotionals and faith stories were very timing and influential in our lives. From what I know the things she decided to get involved in, she did it with love and excellence, always to HIS glory. When asked how much could we compensate her work, she declined any payment, for she claimed she wanted to be sure she was inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

We are always going to miss you Mary, but also always trusting that God’s will is perfect.

Under HIS loving watchfulness,

Walter and Bridget Cerqueira

Tiago Pestana

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