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God is watching over
About us
Our purpose, goal and mission

Our Purpose

Almond Blossoms Jewerly is more than just a beautiful piece of wearable art in precious metal. Inspired by the meaning of the almond tree and blossom in the word of God, they are a symbol to remind us of His constant watchfulness over every area of our lives.

Why Almond Blossoms?

Understand who we are, what we believe, why are we here, learn the meaning of Almond Blossoms in the Bible and see how God has been transforming and using each of us.

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Our Story

Learn the meaning of Almond Blossoms in the Bible, and how that influenced the design of these exquisite pieces of jewelry.

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God is watching over

We have a weekly “God is watching over Devotional” bringing the word of God to our hearts, challenging and encouraging us in our walk with the Lord. Check it out, and if you would like, you can subscribe to receive it in your email. 

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