The Empty Tomb, An Easter Message


Do we need courage to face our trials, or do we just need to believe?

A close friend shared a story with me last Sunday about someone whose spouse is battling cancer. The husband praised his wife for her remarkable courage, to which she replied, "Not courage, but BELIEF!"

Lately, The Lord has been impressing upon me the importance of belief. Not long ago, I experienced the joy of having someone dear to me accept Jesus into their heart, and I believed. However, doubts began to seep in slowly. Thoughts emerged, questioning whether the acceptance was genuine, and an attitude of "let's wait and see what happens." then I saw that my heart was facing unbelief. I shared this with my friend, who simply urged me to, "BELIEVE!"

She reminded of His Word:
“…JESUS has become the guarantor of a better covenant…because JESUS lives forever…HE is able to save completely those who come to GOD through HIM, because HE always lives to intercede for them”
Hebrews 7: 22, 24, 25

As we approach Resurrection Sunday, let us hold fast to what is written in the Gospels and find joy in it through our unwavering belief that HE IS RISEN HE IS RISEN INDEED!


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