God Is Watching Over As Our Refuge And Fortress

Recently in reading through the book of Psalms, I have noted that many times our God is described as our refuge and our fortress. Both of these words have a definite connotation for me, of a place of safety.

I was a very young child during World War II, living on the east coast of the United States with my mother and two younger siblings, while our father was at sea in the navy. Being on the coast, we had multiple blackouts, something which some of you reading this may not understand. Sirens would start screaming, and everyone knew to immediately turn off all lights, pull all shades and curtains, to not let one ray of light shine out of the house, lest any enemy ships or submarines should be lurking in the darkness to discover locations.

Those sirens screaming would often awaken me in the night, filling me with a great fear. I just knew at that moment that I had to find my mother. She, being a wise, loving and gentle woman, knew exactly what to do to comfort me. She gathered me up in her arms, and sat down in the family rocking chair, covering me with a soft blanket, hugging me to herself. It is hard to describe the intense feeling of comfort and safety I felt at those moments. I knew in my child’s heart that in my mother’s lap with her arms of love and care around me, I was safe!

Those scenes describe for me what I believe it means for God almighty and all powerful, to be our refuge and our fortress. He hides us from the enemy, He brings us close to Himself, enclosing us in His loving arms, He guards us from danger, and He comforts our anxious hearts with the many promises of His care and love. He is always there; a fortress doesn’t move around! It is fixed in one place, just as He never changes, but is always awake and available when we need His words and presence of help and safety. This aspect of the watchfulness of our God is what we need to focus on in these days of turmoil, uncertainty, and lack of security. Thank You, Father, for Your watchfulness over Your children in being our secure and unalterably safe refuge and fortress.

By Mary Fawcett


Bridget Cerqueira

A blessing. Thanks for sharing this story from a child who had already
experienced great trauma before the

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