God Is Watching Over Even When Those Responsible On Earth Fail

Recently a family member was in the hospital literally battling for life. During one night, he had an unexpected bout with atrial fibrillation, which went on for over an hour. The doctor on call on the floor was contacted, and he ordered a drug, which ALWAYS has an adverse affect on my family member. The warning was on his chart, and comments made about how his body reacted negatively to this particular drug. In spite of all of that, the doctor either did not consult, or ignored the warning, and ordered the drug.

Of course the nurse gave the drug, without knowing of the problem. But miracle of miracles, there was NO adverse reaction. The next morning when our own attending physician saw that this drug had been ordered, he was horrified, and could not believe that no adverse reaction had occurred. The doctor, himself said that it was a miracle. All of us together praised the Lord for His kindness in intervening and not allowing my family member to suffer more than he was, with a medical error.

I immediately thought of how our wonderful God, in the middle of the night, was watching over my family member to care for him, even when the human “watchmen” failed. If we were only aware of how many times in our lives our God has faithfully watched over us to keep us from evil and consequences due to others’ mistakes, we would probably be able to fill a whole book of stories!  Thank You, dear Lord, for watching over us when others fail.

By Mary Fawcett

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