God Is Watching Over In Our Joyful Times

Just the other night when I was half awake and half asleep, I began to meditate on Jesus’ first miracle after He had been revealed as the Son of God… the wedding in Cana of Galilee.

It was as if I were there in the scene with the other wedding guests enjoying all the food and conversation as we all rejoiced in the wedding of the bride and groom. Jesus was there, of course, and I could “see” him being called over to where the servants were, busy with their preparations and service to the guests. It was as if he whispered to the servants, “Fill up the water jugs with water.”

Of course they must have been very surprised, because what was needed at that wedding reception was more wine, not water! Someone had obviously miscalculated how much would be needed, and they had run out! What a terrible thing to happen at such a joyous and momentous occasion… run out of wine? That would be unheard of in this historical time. It would be a cause for great shame for the families, and a reason for ridiculing them. They would be considered unprepared for the guests they had invited, and would always be remembered for that misstep. From then on they would be referred to as the families who did not provide enough wine for the guests who had been invited to celebrate the wedding of their children!

Jesus obviously understood this great need at the moment, and in His love and care, He blessed this marriage with not only His Presence, but also His miraculous gift of turning that water in the pots into wine! And it wasn’t just any wine, but better than what had been served at the beginning of the party! When taken to the host, he was thrilled, but no one could tell him where the wine had come from. However, there is one little statement in this story, which always captures my imagination. It is this: “But the servants who had drawn the water KNEW!” They knew because they had been the ones to fill those pots with water, and they also knew that when they poured it out, it was a delicious, satisfying drink to bring even more happiness to the wedding celebration. Imagine their shock and enthusiasm at seeing the miracle before their very eyes!

I remember in my musings about this story and “seeing” what was happening that I felt so happy to observe Jesus performing this first recorded miracle at a wedding! Jesus was at a party, conversing with the guests, laughing, and making others feel comfortable, and by His Presence blessing all those there.

I recalled the weddings of our children, and how each one was blessed also by the Presence of the Lord, bringing me to give thanks again that God indeed does watch over us in our joyous times, and participates with us in that joy. We give You thanks, dear Lord, that You are present in our joys, and Your watchfulness is the primary reason they are so joyful!

By Mary Fawcett

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