God is Watching Over With His Perfect Wisdom

Have you ever thought how wonderful it would be to never have to doubt any of your decisions, never have to wonder what is the right thing to do at the moment, never have any questions which are not completely and honestly answered? I think to be human is to desire to know more than we know, especially when it comes to knowing how to live well in this world and prepare for the next, permanent world.

I was meditating recently in the book of James in the Bible, Chapter 3, verse 17, where the Holy Spirit gives us a description of what heavenly wisdom looks like. Heavenly wisdom would be wisdom that comes from God Himself, the author of all true wisdom.

This verse gives the characteristics of heavenly wisdom in these words:

This wisdom is first of all pure. It is without any mixture of any other kinds of wisdom, but is of a purity that only God can offer. People who possess this wisdom have pure hearts.

Then it is peace-loving. The heavenly wisdom is not contentious; it does not try to sow discord, but rather it keeps the bond of peace, which only the Lord Jesus can provide.

It is considerate. It does not think of itself in the first place, but of others, and considers them of worth to be loved and served. Considerate also has the idea of looking for ways of blessing others, considering their needs and trying to alleviate them, and being polite.

It is submissive. This means it is willing to submit ideas and thoughts to others who also have this wisdom, and to submit to the authorities over it. A person who has heavenly wisdom does not try to take control or “lord it over” others, but takes its rightful place.

It is full of mercy. That word mercy always blesses me, because it means that people do not get what they deserve. None of us deserves the wisdom of God or any of His other gifts, but the wisdom He gives is merciful… not trying to mete out justice to others on the basis of what can only be seen with the human eye, but giving a person the benefit of a doubt when all is not known.

It is full of good fruit. When this heavenly wisdom is active in a person’s life, there is fruit which honors God in his/her life. There is the fruit of the Spirit, as well as the fruit of bringing others to know Christ.

It is impartial. It doesn’t make a distinction between people on the basis of color, race, or other immutable characteristics. It seeks the best which God can offer all people, His eternal life through salvation.

And finally it is sincere. Sincere means it is transparent. It does not try to deceive people by appearing one way and being another. As we often say, “You get what you see.” This means there is no hypocrisy in this God-given, heavenly wisdom.

I am sure that all of us would do well to seek this heavenly wisdom in our lives that we may reveal to others what God is like, for in the end, heavenly wisdom is God’s wisdom. He has told us that if we lack wisdom, we can ask of Him, and He will give it freely to us. May we ask for this wisdom from our God who is watching over us to give it without measure

Mary Fawcett


Bridget Cerqueira

This is such a beautiful gift of words and wisdom! I receive this gift to cherish, ponder and to live out in my life, with God’s grace!
Thank you💓

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