Walter and Bridget

Walter and Bridget

In January 2017, while reading the biblical Exodus description of God’s instructions to His people on how to build and decorate their place of worship, the tabernacle, I was struck with the use of almond flowers with buds and blossoms to be used on the golden lamp stand.

This sent me on a search for the significance of the almond flower. I discovered that the Hebrew word for “Almond,” is “Shaqed,” which means to watch; be watchful; alert; on the lookout, and sleepless. Surely this must speak to us of the watchfulness of our God over His peoples’ lives.

In Jeremiah 1:11-12, the Lord says to Jeremiah, “What do you see, Jeremiah?”

“I see the branch of an almond tree, I replied."

The Lord said, "You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled.”

In the months following these revelations from the Word of God, my mind kept going over the wonderful significance of almond flowers, branches and buds, and the idea of designing a Christian jewelry line inspired by these images. After much prayer with fasting and studying, we became eager to make this jewelry as a beautiful symbol to recall to our minds the watchfulness of our God.

Our hope and prayer is that as you wear your almond blossom jewelry, you will indeed remember that God is right there, and he is always watching over you in all seasons and experiences of your life. We also hope that it will be a conversation starter for you to share with others about the watchfulness of our God.


Bridget Cerqueira

The testimonies were a blessing.
Thanks for sharing.

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