Hannah 7 Christian Bracelet


A lovely and graceful bracelet, inspired by the lampstand of the tabernacle. This bracelet has 7 almond blossoms and buds, 7 being the biblical number of completion and perfection.

• 7 Blossoms and Buds (flower 5mm)
• A watchfulness of God bar
• Our Logo of an Almond Blossom and Cross connecting the Old and New Testament
• Adjustable, 6.5 -7.5" long
• Available in Sterling Silver (shipping and handling within 5 business days)
• Available in Yellow Gold Plated 18kt over Sterling Silver (shipping and handling within 5 business days)
• Available in Yellow Gold 18kt (shipping and handling within 30 days)

Click on the link and discover the powerful story of Hannah.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Charlotte Fawcett

This bracelet is lovely! I wear it every day. I love the fit. It isn’t too small, and not to large that it’s slipping around on my arm. It is so hard to find a good quality bracelet like this! I am very pleased with it. I love that it constantly reminds me of the watchfulness of God. What a powerful and meaningful message. Thank you Almond Blossoms Jewlrey!

Beautiful Bracelet, Beautiful Meaning

I love my bracelet! It is so beautiful. Very pretty and oh so delicate. I love all the beautiful details of this bracelet. It is just so lovely. I am excited to add this beautiful piece to my jewelry collection. I love telling friends and family about its special meaning, God is always watching over us. Thank you Almond Blossoms Jewelry for the beautiful reminder.