Hannah 3 Christian Bracelet


A lovely and graceful, inspired by the lampstand of the tabernacle. This bracelet has 3 almond blossoms and buds, representing the Trinity; God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

• 3 Blossoms and Buds (flower 5mm)
• A watchfulness of God bar
• Our Logo of an Almond Blossom and Cross connecting the Old and New Testament
• Adjustable, 6.5-7.5" long
• Available in Sterling Silver (shipping and handling within 5 business days)
• Available in Yellow Gold Plated 18kt over Sterling Silver (shipping and handling within 5 business days)
• Available in Yellow Gold 18kt (shipping and handling within 30 days)

Click on the link and discover the powerful story of Hannah.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Charlene Simmons
Spectacular gift

I gave this bracelet to a recent nursing graduate! She was so excited and loved that it was a gift with meaning! It could not have been better received!!

Carol A Walker
Hanna Bracelet

It is perfect and so excited to give to my granddaughter for Christmas

Anna Margherita
Bright and Graceful

I found this bracelet so delicate, bright and graceful! It fits so well in all occasions, I am wearing it wherever I go:-)
A blessed reminder of God's watchfulness over His children!
Loved it!!!!

Vanessa Flurry
God's Perfect Timing

I recieved this precious bracelet for Christmas. I opened and read the description out loud with my family. My son is named Samuel after this story. He is our miracle from God. My father was in the hospital, alone due to covid, in another country that I do not live in. I opened and read this gift and was reminded that God was closer to my father than I could ever be. What a wonderful reminder of God's presence and watchfulness.