God Is Watching Over To Impart His Eternal Encouragement

Sometime in the very early morning hours of the day, I lay awake thinking about what it means to encourage our hearts, or to be encouraged, and the difference between encouragement and discouragement… my thoughts led to remembering the verses in 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17, where we have this stunning declaration that our God is the God of ETERNAL ENCOURAGEMENT!

What does that mean to us today in the midst of trials, COVID-19, isolation, financial needs, distancing from things and people we love most, and feelings of disenchantment with our lives?

If God is truly eternally encouraging His children, then we should have a constantly replenishing supply of courage to face whatever might be our lot in life at any one time.

To encourage, means to put courage into something or someone… to instill support, confidence, or hope, to inspire with resolution, spirit, or hope. Have you thought of these priceless gifts our Father offers to us as being eternal?

On the other hand to DIScourage is to take away courage, hope and spirit, to sunder apart, to reverse hope, confidence and enthusiasm. Now if God is the God of eternal encouragement, how could He ever discourage His children? It is an impossibility! 

Discouragement comes from our own weak souls or the sworn enemy of our souls, the devil. I imagine discouragement as a small, but sharp and effective dagger which the enemy uses to tear away hope, to cut down our courage, and to thrust through our confidence in our God.

When discouraging thoughts come to us, let us remember that our God is near watching over us to impart His eternal encouragement to us that we may be filled with confidence in His goodness and plan for our lives, regardless of our present circumstances. Thank You, Lord, for watching over your children with eternal encouragement!

by Mary Fawcett

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