God Is Watching Over to Provide Every Need

Today I received this message from a dear friend who lives in another country:

I lost my balance in my bedroom and fell into the corner of a bookcase. It pulled the skin off my arm in several places next to each other. I could get the gauze out and tape, but I couldn't put it on by myself. I went out my door and right down the hall a nurse friend was coming out of her door. I went to her with my supplies and said, "I need a nurse!". She took me into her apartment and fixed me right up! God doesn't miss a beat! HE is so good!

As I read this testimony, it brought to my mind the watchfulness of our Father God to take care of our needs, even before we know we will need them! 

If we were to look back over our lives, I believe we would see that as Psalm 23 promises us, our Good Shepherd is always watching over His flock, and is prepared to meet the needs each sheep has! Sometimes we do not understand that what He provides is a need, but even if it is something we deem “bad,” that happens, it is because in His loving kindness, he is giving us an opportunity to experience in a new way His care and provision.

When we are following our Good Shepherd in the paths of righteousness, which He has laid out for us, we can be assured that He is watching over our every need, and is capable of supplying that need because He is good, all powerful, and sovereign.

May we rest today in the knowledge that our Good Shepherd goes before us and circles behind us to watch over us and provide from His never-ending supply of everything any sheep could ever need. 

By Mary Fawcett

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