God Is Watching Over With His Infinite Patience

The book of Psalms is full of the chronicles of how God watched over His people Israel, over and over again with infinite patience, in spite of their rebellion and idolatrous actions. We are told in 1 Samuel 15:23 that… ”Rebellion is like the sin of divination, and arrogance like the evil of idolatry.” Rebellion and pride separate us from the heart of God, causing us to look for idols to fill up the holes in our hearts, and are attended by lives full of hurtful sins against ourselves and others.

God made a covenant with Israel in which He told them that if they would obey Him, they would always enjoy His favor, but if they did not, they would suffer punishment and even death. The people loudly proclaimed that they would obey. But time after time, the whole nation would follow after the idolatrous ways of their neighbors around them in Canaan. They blatantly disobeyed the God who had brought them out of slavery in Egypt to the promised land of Canaan, and worshipped and served creatures rather than God Himself.

When this happened, God would allow them to suffer the results of their sinful choices and idolatries, bringing on themselves great pain and distress. But the most notable truth is that each time when the people were overcome by the results of their sins, and cried out to God for help, He always came to their aid. They would repent of their wicked ways, and God would again bless them and give them victories over their enemies. 

As I read and re-read these accounts in the scriptures, I am amazed again at the infinite patience of our great God. We all are a lot like the Israelites I believe. We drift away from the nearness to Him and begin to go our own ways. These sinful ways are always followed by pain, distress and even desperation. Often the very pain we have brought on ourselves is the gracious tool the Lord uses to bring us to true repentance and return to Him. When we call in truth and repentance, He hears and comes to us with forgiveness and hope, setting our feet again on the path of righteousness that leads to life. His patience is a characteristic of His very nature, and He never tires of demonstrating that great patience to us when we need it. As you contemplate your Almond Blossom jewelry, remember to give thanks for the watchfulness of God in His great patience to His children. 

By Mary Fawcett

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