God is Watching Over To Provide What We Need To Know Him Better

The other day as I was having my time with the Lord early in the morning, I looked up and out the window to see a beautiful maritaca, a small green parrot, native of Brazil, which frequents our yard several times a day.

As I watched that beautiful little bird sitting on the wire above the fence, I recalled a scene I had witnessed in a movie about the migrating bird routes around the globe. The movies were of live birds actually in their migrations.

But one short excerpt of the movie caught my attention. One of the flying birds had somehow been injured in one of its wings, and it was trying so hard to fly, but could only flap one wing and drag the other one on the ground. The poor bird looked horrified, as one can imagine, and tried multiple times to arise in flight, but absolutely could not because of the broken wing.

I began to think about how often we try to rise up in life to get closer to the Lord, but something prevents us from “flying” up and above our circumstances of life to enjoy life in the Spirit of God. I would like to think that the two wings of the bird in this case represent the two opportunities we have as human beings to rise up to know God better. Those opportunities would be reading, studying, and memorizing God’s Word, and living a life of constant prayer. When we expose ourselves to God’s Word, He is speaking to us. When we lift our thoughts and hearts to the Lord in prayer, we speak to Him. Both of these beautiful “wings” are what our Lord has given us to allow us to live life as He would have us to, not stuck down in our sins and disappointments, but arising to see our lives from His point of view. Indeed God is watching over us to remind us of these two treasures of His love to enable us to know Him better.  Let us make a point of looking into God’s Word daily and praying always, to experience the life of joy He has ordained for us.

By Mary Fawcett

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