God is Watching Over Through His Angels

I know there is a lot of confusion about angels in this day and age. Some like to think that anyone who dies becomes an angel. Others believe that angels are feminine-like beings that are just out there in the air floating back and forth between earth and heaven.

Believe it or not, there is a whole theology of angels in the Bible, but I want to share just one truth in this writing. In the book of Hebrews in the New Testament, in the first chapter, we are told that “….All angels are ministering spirits SENT to serve those who will inherit salvation.”

God actually sends angels to help those who know Christ as Savior and Lord, or who will know Him, to provide what they need at times those people might least expect it.

Here we are told that ALL angels, not just some, but all, are spirits who minister, that is who help, or who take care of those to whom they go. And God, the Father, overseeing all those who know His Son, Jesus, knows where, when, and to whom they need to be sent! This is such a comforting reality to our troubled hearts, especially as we see our brothers and sisters around the world suffering for the sake of Christ.

I remember when my mother was living alone in a small home in Louisiana, and we were in another country serving the Lord. One day I was heavily impressed to pray that the Lord would send some of His angels to take care of her and minister to her present needs. I had a great peace that He heard and answered that prayer. I could not be with her, but God’s holy angels could!

May we praise the Lord for thinking of His children all over the world, and watching over them to provide such angelic help for them in times of great need.

By Mary Fawcett

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