God Is Watching Over

God Is Watching Over in Praying for Others

Have you ever thought of neglecting to pray for others as a sin? When the prophet Samuel was committing the people of Israel to their new king, Saul, for whom they had implored the Lord, Samuel’s charge to them was this:
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God Is Watching Over in Our Perplexities

I am sure that most of you reading this will have lived through the year 2020. This was a year like no other in my memory, for many reasons, the main one being the great number of perplexities that we all have known. As I write this, we have now entered 2021, almost completing the first month of January...
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God Is Watching Over To Reveal Himself And His Beauty

This morning as I opened our living room drapes uncovering our large floor to ceiling window, as usual I was hurrying a bit to prepare breakfast, but as I looked out, my full attention was drawn to a couple of small birds in the yard hopping around as if they owned the place!...
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God is Watching Over in Our Fight for the Souls of Others

Just a few minutes ago, I was told that an extended family member had said to his parents that he wanted to go to hell.  I almost lost my breath, and had to cry out to the Lord the same cry that Jesus made on the cross, “Father, ...
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